Notes on a Scandal

18 Dec

Notes on a Scandal

So, lets say you’re a devoted, loving wife of a billionaire celebrity athlete. He, being a tall, dark and handsome type you’ve always dreamed about with a prince charming smile and you are the petit, girl next door type to compliment his good guy image. You’ve been married since 2004 and since then given birth to two beautiful children. You reside in a multi-million dollar home in an uber exclusive neighborhood in Florida. Your closet closely resembles that of a high-end, fine retail department store lined with designer labels ripe for your mood and selection. Everything seems to be storybook until one day you wake up to find yourself amidst of a tabloid storm. The media has distorted your fairytale image into the damsel in distress. Suddenly your prince charming has become public enemy number one followed by a trail of wicked mistresses each one lining up to exploit the explicit details of their illicit trysts.
By now you’ve all should have heard the story whether its being headlined on CNN, the cover story of your favorite gossip rag, or the topic of discussion in the grocery store line. Everyone has their own logic and verdict if you should leave or stay, get divorced or work it out. Here at Urban Suite we beg to ask a much more important question: what should you wear? Finding yourself amid one of the most talked about scandals of 2009 has got to be a strain not only on your personal life but also on your appearance. Never fret. We have a few styling tips that may not salvage your marriage but will definitely keep you chic enough to brave the tabloid storm.
The first thing to remember is that you’ve probably not been getting enough sleep and its beginning to take its toll on your face. You want to become a recluse and stay in bed but it’s just not helping you or kids. You need to leave the house but the Florida sun and the zoom lens cameras could be damaging. What we recommend is strapping on a pair of over sized, paparazzi-proof designer frames for protection. The darker the frames are, the better to shield yourself from the dizzying onslaught of flash bulbs. One of your many options are Chanel’s sporty yet chic acetate black frames with signature interlocking C’s on the side (price upon request). By wearing these you’re declaring to the world you’re not only keeping your lady like composure but also your elegance and grace at the same time.
Getting dressed may feel like a challenge but the end result is simply chic. Its important not to look too extravagant as if celebrating the circumstances, however looking too frumpy will only incite spiteful whispers that the worst has gotten the best of you. We suggest the slate grey colored Banana Republic Heritage Embellished Tank ($60.00) with beaded neckline paired with Galliano black, low-waisted, twill stretch pants with logo detail ($275 at Brush off your shoulders all those intrusive questions shouting at you from the bushed as you enter the “other” un-crashed escalade and show them who wears the pants!
Last but certainly never least is the shoe. Stand tall and put your best manicured foot forward. Glam it up with Michael Kors Gladiator gold buckled platform sandal ($795.00) available at Bergdorf Goodman stores. With our street chic soon-to-be divorce’ uniform, you’ll be back on the sexy singles market and on the playing field (or golf course depending on your sport of choice) in no time.

As always Stay Stylish! Stay Suite!


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