SALE-ing Away

22 Jan

 Greetings Fashionista!

On one of our many excursions through the city of Atlanta, we happened to stumble upon a Bill Hallman pop-up boutique in Atlantic Station. We ventured inside to discover a treasury of marked down designer duds and budget friendly fashion finds.

Next, we strolled on into the local Express Boutique and were immeditaley greeted by the fact that this retailer has ignored the calendar date and thrown us into spring! As we sauntered back a little further, we found that “last seasons” items has gone under the pricing knife. Most of the merchandise settled below or next to signs telling us that the prices have taken a 50% plunge in retail value.
Then throghout the day I myself began to notice through a serious of store fronts that everyone had something, if not EVERYTHING on sale!

Shopping through sale merchandise can be fun and exciting. Other times, it can be depressing and tedious. Just when you think you’ve found the perfect jacket, blouse, or pair of denim at a great price the sales rep comes back from stock room with that disappointing frown and head tilt telling you they don’t hav the size you’re looking for.

And what about those times when you enter a store browsing the racks and feel compelled to buy an item because its price has been dramatically slashed? Then you end up leaving with a piece that you didn’t need (want) to begin with. It’s almost like visiting a kennel and wanting to save the lives of all those sad-faced puppies and kittens from their inevitable fate of being put to sleep, or shipped away to the outlet stores never to be heard from again.

Then there are those momentous occasions when you find the shirt in the color you love! Or the jacket that fits just right! Or the pair of denim jeans that make your ass look great! These are the times when you can walk out of the boutique with your head held high reigning victorious that you’ve found a great item all while avoiding an outrageous price tag.


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