All Hail the Queens!

15 Feb

Hola Fashionista!

Grab your lacefronts, your lashes, and the fiercest pumps you have tucked (pun intended) away because we’re gearing up for another season of RuPaul’s Drag Race! Season 2 kicked off on February 2nd and left nothing short of high-octane glamour.
Everyone knows that drag queens are the most glamorous creatures on the face of this MAC concealed earth! And as you know, RuPaul has been waving the rainbow flag for Drag Queens for roughly 2 decades now as THE most famous queen in the world (step aside Elizabeth Windsor II)!
With that in mind, Urban Suite would like to pay special tribute to some of the most fashionable and memorable queens pop culture has introduced us to:

Aaliyah in ‘Queen of the Damned’
Though her on-screen appearance was brief, Aaliyah as Akasha, queen of all undead left a lasting impression on us for all eternity. Packed with a killer bod and deadly bite, Aaliyah demonstrated that every queen needs enough beauty rest for flawless skin in the morning…  or night.  Aaliyah flexed her acting chops fangs in this 2002 film version of the Anne Rice classic.  This was one queen who graced the screen in an over-the-top sky scraping head-piece, barely there almost bearing all chest piece, and dramatic floor sweeping skirt accented with ancient jewelry and waist chain.



The queen of the Nile and the queen of impeccable eye liner!  She is who never stepped outside of the palace without the eye-defining black coal across the bottom and top lids then dramatically extending outwards to the sides of the temples.  It’s the beauty trick that girls, woman and queens alike have utilized for centuries.  Cleopatra is the international icon who crossed deserts and nationalities. Everyone in the world instantly recognizes that infamous bob hairdo when her name is mentioned. What queen wouldn’t want to own an empire in the middle of her own personal oasis and end their nights luxuriating on 100% authentic Egyptian cotton?  Her adornments looked as though she dipped her arm into some buried treasure chest complete with gold, diamonds, turquoise and various precious stones.  After all everyone knows that girls love diamonds, but they are a queens best friend!

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
How could we have a post about memorable queens and not mention the one loved by all? The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is a 1994 Australian comedic tale of 2 drags and a tranny venturing across the outback for the performance of a lifetime.  Out of all cheers and queers of the movie, the stand out performance by far is that of Priscilla, the tour bus which caravans our colorful crew to their destination.  Priscilla braves the weather and the gaudiness of her human counterparts in this film which we here at Urban Suite have christened the “Wizard of Oz” for drag queens; and just when you thought the Wizard of Oz couldn’t be any gayer!  Priscilla shows us how to be tough, subversive, and one of the best breakdown performances we’ve ever seen.  So here’s to you Priscilla! Queen of the desert and queen of cult movie fans forever!



Queen of Hearts, 1&2
The Queen of Hearts.  Sure her name suggests that she is warm and fuzzy and filled with love. But sometimes its hard to express those feelings when one day, a little blonde, English muffin waif drops into your world trying to turn everything upside down.  Alice came out of nowhere with the ambition to overthrow the monarchy with the false pretense of finding her way back home.  Our queen managed at times to keep her head if not her composure.  She was the loud and boisterous card tossing, croquet playing, rose loving queen who capture our fantasies in Disney’s animated classic. More recently she’s been reincarnated into the short, stocky, big-headed (to emphasize her ego) live version played by Helena Bonham Carter of Tim Burton’s latest feature film set to hit theaters this spring.


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