Gold Rush

16 Apr

Scene from 1964's Goldfinger


Greetings Suite People!
Do any of you remember that iconic scene when 007 James Bond walks into the hotel bedroom to find his latest conquest dead and covered in gold paint?! We remember as well!
And how fab would it be to have our bodies dipped in gold paint?! Not so much? Well, you may not be as imaginative as we are, but that’s okay! 

What we have here are a few pieces that give you the midas touch! 

Gold Sequin Dress


Jeweled Starfish Necklace


Fendi 24K Bag


Dazzle the crowd in any nightclub with this white and gold sequined dress.  Charm the hearts of men with a gold and jeweled starfish necklace.  And carry around with you all that you’re worth in the weight of gold with Fendi’s 24K tote bag.


One Response to “Gold Rush”

  1. Gemma November 26, 2011 at 2:11 PM #

    Please tell me where dress is from, ? Gold and white?

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