SUITE Inspiration: Lilah Gabriel

16 Nov

The collection is a palette of exotic and beautiful jewelry ranging from chunky knits of silks and metals to thinner knits, draped in chain. Freshwater pearls, agate, jasper, onyx and Swarovski crystal dress up necklaces giving each piece an exclusive sense of individuality. From classic to complex, LilahGabriel covers every look for every woman!!

After selling custom pieces for private clientele, the LilahGabriel team has decided to launch the line more publicly. The collection is currently available at Coquette Boutique and Peel Gallery in Houston, TX; and orders can be placed through the website anytime at

The LilahGabriel brand is what happens when fashion and jewelry marry. Jason and Jessica, husband and wife respectively, work collectively to create these phenomenal pieces. Jessica is an accomplished fashion designer who graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY in 2004. Jason is an incredible and detailed jewelry designer with over 10 years of experience. He has designed custom fine jewelry pieces for a multitude of high-end clients. Jason and Jessica are looking forward to accessorizing and continue to captivate women all around the world.


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