Why Hire a PR firm?

18 Nov

In a time when our economy is failing, marketing and pr keeps businesses alive. So often business owners do not understand why and how PR works, as well as how to find the value in PR.

People open businesses and wonder why they have no customers. Sometimes after several successful years, a company hits a plateau or has to contend with new competition or a difficult economy. Often they purchase a few misplaced advertisements or start sending their customers ill-advised e-mail blasts. At some point, they question what they’re doing wrong and they should look into hiring a publicists.

The Problem with DIY PRNew business owners, and old alike, have considered the path of do-it-yourself public relations. Some even pay for seminars or services to prep them for this task. Unfortunately, it seldom works. Some feel that preparing press releases is PR. After blasting a press release, some wonder why their efforts return void. Writing a press release isn’t the hard part. Sure, skilled writing and finding the right angle are important parts of a good PR campaign. But blasting a release to a general media list isn’t only ineffective; it’s pretty much considered spam these days.

A quality publicist spends countless hours updating their media lists and getting to know editors, writers, and producers on an individual and often personal basis. Each pitch needs to be individually tailored, with well-researched knowledge of their beat, past work, and even personal interests. We should know something about their deadlines and lead times, the format of their publication, and what they’ve covered in the past. Think you have time to handle all this while running your own business? Probably not.

Social Media: Anyone can put up a Facebook page or open a Twitter account. But PR professionals are constantly monitoring social media to find out what the media is buzzing about, what reporters are working on, and what consumers are interested in.

Networking: After a long day’s work, you really don’t feel like going to a networking event or the opening of a new restaurant. That’s what you have us for. It’s important to be out and about, spreading the message of your business and making new contacts. A publicist can pound the pavement for you, keeping in touch when you’d rather be keeping a low profile. We can also facilitate invites and insure that you attend events that well better directly impact and improve your business.

Marketing and Advertising: Anyone with a business is constantly bombarded with “great opportunities” — a low-cost advertisement in a start-up publication, a sponsorship for an event, an invitation to join a business alliance, or a request for merchandise for a silent auction. Business owners don’t have time to do the research on these prospects and often end up wasting time and money on ineffective options. An experienced PR person can help businesses root through the never-ending requests and advise clients on where they should or shouldn’t be spending their time and money. — (Paige Wolfe)



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