JANELLE LANGFORD, Creative Director and CEO of Urban Suite Entertainment – Almost three decades ago Janelle’s mother created a fantasy fashion company named “Fantasy Plaza” to keep the inquisitive young fashionista busy. Today, Janelle has brought that fantasy to fruition with Urban Suite Entertainment and Urban Suite PR. Initially setting out to follow in her mother’s footsteps in medicine, Janelle completed her studies at the University of Cincinnati with a concentration in Medical Technology. Through a series of events, Janelle quickly rekindled her love for fashion and beauty and began the master plan that is now Urban Suite. Working with industry staples like, Banana Republic, GAP, Club Monaco, Express and Abercrombie, Janelle has been afforded extensive experience in the arts of textiles, communication and design. Janelle continues to hold Urban Suite to the highest industry standard and continues to grow its company portfolio. This blog is an representation of ALL the fabulous things we come across. We hope you enjoy!

Feel free to send me emails at janelle@urbansuiteent.com.

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