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Tracy Reese: Shop For A Cause Event

13 Jan

3BG Marketing Firm Launches in NYC

19 Nov

My Red Carpet Look

11 Nov

As a publicist, we often walk our celebrity clients down the red carpet. As consumers and fans, we more than often see red carpet tragedies mis-steps. So if ever the roles were reversed and you were an legitimate A-list celebrity, what would your red carpet look be? Here’s ours: What do you think? SUITE or sour.


Footage From Haute Cypher Event

21 Sep

The Haute Cypher event was a huge success. At Urban Suite PR, we focus on quality events with an executed purpose. You are YOUR network.

Special thanks for all of our featured hosts: Urban Poshture Photography, Clique PR, Arkeedah, Brian Short, Kim Maxwell, Tia Jakes, Mandrill Hardge and the MBar. Special thanks to Jason Rene for the coverage.

Urban Suite PR signs recording artist Laura Michelle

10 Sep

This exciting young singer/songwriter has fiercely maintained her music style with a creative vision. Laura Michelle is an accomplished vocalist, songwriter, dancer, actress and model and has transformed into a multifaceted Artist .

This New Orleans own, “Southern Sensation” knew early on that she was pre-destined to be a professional entertainer. Her love of the arts translates into her music.  Her desire for fashion and flair is incorporated into her costumes which are all created by Laura  Michelle through her “LaMiche” line.

Laura Michelle is gaining notoriety through her music, fashion, and dynamic performances. She gained artistic exposure in New Orleans, from singing in choirs to her involvement in productions such as Ray, and The Nutcracker, as well as commercials. She recorded her first song when she was 14 years old.

The Devastation of Hurricane Katrina, tore her foundation from beneath her, however Laura Michelle continued her fight for her dream relocating to Atlanta. While in Atlanta, she furthered her development  and career in one of the most influential artist development centers in the country. There she worked six days a week for 3 consecutive years where she established her authentic identity as an artist. She also unleashed her first EPK, with her self penned records such as “Never Be” and “Dance the Night the Away”.

For her – And the world – The wait is over.

Join the conversation on twitter: @mylauramichelle

Urban Suite PR Presents… HAUTE CYPHER

20 Aug

Urban Suite Entertainment Presents 
haute: -adjective: fashionable, high-class, creation of exclusivity 
cypher: -noun: inner circle, crew, creative team

Is YOUR cypher HAUTE?

Join us Wednesday, September 1st at 8pm for HAUTE CYPHER, a mixer and networking event featuring genuine industry professionals.

M Bar Atlanta 
257 Peters St, SW, Atlanta GA 30313

Please RSVP:

Complimentary Admission

Cosmopolitan Chic Attire

Moving Fashion Forward, and Upward

17 Feb

Hello Suite people!

As you know, fashion is constantly moving. More often figuratively than literally. But this year, in the fashion capital of the world, fashion will be physically changing its address as New York Fashion Week says good-bye to Bryant Park and says hello to its new destination. This week, fashion crowds will flock upwards to its new uptown location at the world-famous Lincoln Center.
We’re not sure how we feel about the change here at Urban Suite. For as long as we can remember Bryant Park has been the epicenter fashion week. Byant Park has been the mecca where many aspiring designers are either made or broken!
We wonder how everyone will feel at its new W 65th Street address? Time and trends will tell how this will play out. But as full-fledged supporters we stand behind whatever it has plans for us and where ever it plans to take us!

Til Next Time… Stay stylish! Stay Suite!

Commander in Chic

9 Feb

It’s been a little over a year since we’ve had a new president and a new first lady.
No words can truly explain the aura of mystery that surrounds Michelle Obama. Trying to do so is as useless as trying to decipher her signature style which has become the topic of discussion more commonly than socialized health care.

So what exactly draws us to our new first lady? Is it the infectious, charming smile she delivers in every photo? Or is it the stylish sensibility she exudes that we haven’t seen since another iconic “O” first lady? Which ever it is, we at Urban Suite love the duality of Michelle O’s style. From the floor sweeping gown she wore to the inauguration ball designed by Jason Wu to the simple, yet utterly chic cardigan and skirt she wore during the first family’s excursion to London. Then who could forget our personal favorite, the black belted, purple shift dress accented with a string of bold pearls around the neck?

Michelle Obama, we salute you.

Miss Piggy, The Original Fashionista!

3 Jan

We ALL grew up to know and love the fabulosity that is Miss Piggy. Think about it, she was the original DIVA, lace front wigs, lashes, high heels, furs, always in couture… ah…Just makes me feel all warm and cashmere inside.  Well uber luxe designer and fashion god, Marc Jacobs, feels the very same way. So let’s all salute our fashion icons of several decades, Miss Piggy. (she has really aged well over the years).

The pair went over looks for her to wear during New York Fashion Week. The two collaborated on a couture gown for Miss Piggy, which she wore  to Chicago’s Glamorama 2009.

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