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Kate Moss for Vogue Paris: Undeniably SUITE

25 Apr

McQueen’s Final Bow

4 Mar


Hola Fashionistas’
So, unless you’ve been hidden under a rock or walking around with an Irving Penn sack over your head, you know that fashion has lost one of its greatest talents. News of Alexander McQueen’s death shocked and stunned not only the fashion industry but the world. McQueen, whose creations dare women to escape and dream, apparently couldn’t escape the harsh reality and grief of his mother who had passed a week before him.  


McQueen’s memorial service was held on Feb25th and attended by friends and family close to him. Some of those close friends included Naomi Campbell, Stella McCartney, Daphne Guinness, and Kate Moss.   


Kate Moss


Naomi Campbell


Stella McCartney



Urban Suite is deeply saddened at the loss of someone who was admired by so many and loved by everyone. Although Mr. McQueen is no longer with us, his inspiration and creative genius will forever be indelibly printed in our memories.
As for now, lets take a look back at a few of our favorite McQueen moments.   

Checkmate! Spring2005 Alexander McQueen


It’s Only A Game   

For Spring 2005 he invited us all to a special chess match.  Pawns, rooks, knights, and of course queens!  Each piece was just as powerful as the last from daytime pawns to kings and queens of the evening.  When all models were presented before the audience they turned about-face for a well-played, well orchestrated game of war.  Elegance. Check! Creativity. Check! McQueen. Checkmate!  

Alexander McQueen and Sarah Jessica Parker


Dressed to Kilt  

One of our favorite pictures was this one of McQueen and good friend Sarah Jessica Parker at 2006’s Costume Institute Gala.  The year’s theme was Anglomania, a celebration of the history of British fashion. McQueen and Parker arrived hand in hand draped in matching tartans. Traditional,  festive, historic, and chic all in one!  

Shalom Harlow being spray painted


Weird Science  

McQueen has for years incorporated technology into his designs and shows.  So it came as no surprise that when he sent out Shalom Harlow out to the middle of the stage that she be “gunned down” by two large auto body spray machines.  The show was cinematic and ingenious; just like McQueen.

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