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Need Blazer Options?

10 Nov

Blazers are the fashionistas must have wardrobe item. Perfectly pair with leggings, jeans, skirts, dresses…the options are endless. Invest in a BLACK, neutral, and pop color for a full wardrobe effect. Here are some of our favs:


SUITE Scents

7 Sep

No outfit is complete without a sweet smelling finish. Our personal favorite is of course, our girl crush, Kim Kardashian’s “Kim Kardashian”. The scent’s essence evokes Kim’s sultry style with crisp top notes, lush mid notes, and a sexy drydown. Gorgeous, voluptuous florals reflect her allure, while soft jasmine, tuberose, and gardenia mirror her femininity. Tonka bean, jacaranda wood, and sandalwood add a warm, sensual base.

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