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SUITE LOOK OF THE DAY: Forgotten Future #forhim

16 Jun

Forgotten Future is only in its second season but the direction looks quite promising. Designer Richard Dawson is a Central Saint Marten’s MA alumni. Before starting his own label he worked designing for several brands in London. He has also worked with the creative team of Kylie Minogue. Dawson draws inspiration from vintage detailing. His latest collection F/W 2011/12 will be available exclusively at Oki-ni and Asos.

Fancy Footwork

9 Mar

Hola Stylistas!! 

We just came upon a random thought while viewing a few of our most recent posts. At whatever stage in your life you’re at right now, what is your dress code? Does it depend on where you work? Live? Play? More specifically, what do you put on your feet when you step out the front door? Stiletto? Ballet flat? Tennis shoe? Boot? 

Louis Vuitton/Kanye West Collaboration


It’s come to our attention that these days, there are fewer places where its socially acceptable to wear sneakers. If you’re in an office setting, sneakers and sports wear are restricted to casual Fridays. If you work in retail its most likely that enforce a “black only/no rubber sole” policy. Even the nightlife venues you patron require you to dress appropriately. 

Christian Louboutin Collection


So is it safe to say that sneakers and tennis shoes should be left to the kids? NBA stars? Rappers? What about the trend of more high-end designers creating sports shoes for their mens line? Where exactly are these high-end men wearing them? Our guess is to some far off hot spot destination accessible only by private jet or yacht.   A friend of mine reminded me that there is always the gym.  A perfectly appropriate place to wear nothing but sneakers.  But are you really going to wear Christian Louboutins’ to the YMCA?  And no matter how stylish, expensive the shoe is there are still some lounges, clubs, baristas that will not allow them.  

Martin Margiela Paint Sneaker ($475 )


And what about Martin Margiela’s Paint Sneaker? How much painting will you be doing in them if after you’ve dropped a few hundred ($475)? 

And while we’re on the subject, how exactly do you justify spending a car notes worth of money on something you can only get a limited amount of use from? Being that there are so very few places to wear them how do you know you’re getting your money’s worth?  Then again on the other hand, the more you wear them the less valuable they become. What would be more devastating than coming home to find a scuff or scratch or dirt mark on a pair of Kanye West designed Louis Vuitton sport shoes? It’s almost to heart wrenching to imagine!

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