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The DAMN Salon MIAMI Beauty Mixer and Meetup

9 Aug

Miami Vice Reebok II

6 Apr

 Greetings Suite People! 

Were any of you fans of the hit 1980’s television show Miami Vice?  Us too!  Who wouldn’t enjoy the show?  The luxurious landscapes.  Dramatic plotlines.  The choreographed fight scenes and most importantly the definitive 80’s fashion!  It was like ‘Dynasty’ but for men and with more testosterone!

Reebok has decided to pay homage to the hottest city in the U.S. with the release of their Miami Vice inspired sneaker.  We love both the simplicity of the cocaine white and the splashes of the hot & cool colors on the design.  Plus the little silhouette of the flamingo is just plain cute!  If Don Johnson were to chase after a drug lord down Ocean Drive it would be in these.

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